Gifts for Musicians ... Music Calendars Are such Presents: Soon Thre Will Be 10,000 Gifts for Musicians


* = 10,000 gifts for musicians. Well, we are still working on that. Although: Alone from a composer calendar, of course it is also a music calendar and of course a gift for musicians and music fans, we offer you1.25 billion variations. Isn't that 1.25 billion gifts for musicians?


This is the place to make it convenient for you, if you just want to check, whether it's worth the time to hop to the shop and check on a particular music calendar, a particular pipe organ calendar, a particular composers calendar or on a particular Bach calendar. Have von with 10 x 12 monthly pages of all 5 music categories. The fifth category, by the way,  is the music calendar for children.


10 from 99 = 12 Pictures of 10 Music Calendars


There's supposed to be a little less text on this page. At least not with the philosophical content in the section above. We from the publishing house simply wish fun with 10 examples of our music calendars.


The Emoji calendar. Is it an important calendar in the offer of this special calendar publishing house? Sure it is, you bet.


"Bach 4 You" ... Gifts for Musicians and Gifts for Music Fans


1 Bach Calendar, 2composers calendars, 3 music calendars: all three calendars are perfect gifts for musicians.


2 stars among the gifts for musicians of "Bach 4 You": on the left it is the Bach beer stein from the year 2000, on the right it is the 2020 pipe organ calendar.


2 more gifts for musicians: a composers calendar on the left, a composers T-shirt on the right.