Gifts For Musicians, Just Gifts For Musicians - However:  Why Don't  You Find More Real Music Calendars ?


You find gift ideas, respectively gifts for musicians in the hundreds on the internet. But among those gifts for musicians there are almost no calendars, Does that mean, Kids plus music wouldn't be a great idea? Or Musica as a calendar theme is basically not exciting? Or: You just can't portrait the great composers alternatively cool and hipp too? Or: Nobody would love to hang extremely exciting, historic jewels on his or her wall? In general: Are musician gifts finally gifts for musicians? or gifts from musicians? Or is it only from musicians to musicians? 

So Many Gifts for Musicians – However, Why Is There Such a Small Number of Music Calendars Among Them. Isn't It a Gift for Musicians?


Gifts for musicians. Where could it be better to offer gifts for musicians today than the internet?! Looking for gifts for musicians... – that is filling in the keywords "gift" and "musicians" or even the whole term of "gifts for musicians" with Google... – and in less than one second more than 15 million results show up. On this website you get both: On overview about some offers related to the theme of "gifts for musicians and very exclusively our calendars related to the theme.


Actually, you didn't want "to be ordered" to read something? You wanted to get directly to the shop and the gifts for musicians? Now? In no time? Okay. Please click on the shop button.


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Gifts for musicians, gifts for musicians "out there": Are there really No Cool Calendars Among those? A Summary On 99 Music Calendars. Of Course Each One Is a Cool Gift for Musicians.


Where else can you find such an offer? 33 Music Calendars, 33 Bach Calendars and 33 Composer Calendars! However not on a internet portal offering gifts for musicians. By the way: On this website about organs you will find more organs than anywhere else in the world. Keyword is "The Organ Page". Plus if you want to learn more about the Bach Cities and Bach Places ( ... there are 33 by the way), than it's exciting to just click on the shop button.

The Google Page One Related to the Term of "Gifts for Musicians"


If we just leave Amazon aside, where you actually find results to any keyword – that is  true for the term gift for musicians too – than you soon are spoiled for choice. There is the website "", shortly after that it's "Gear for Musicians". There is a help with "Music Room Gift Guide". Plus there is "The Music Stand".


However, there are real big players out there, where gifts for musicians are just a fraction of what they offer. To be honest it's my opinion, that you find tons of stuff, which can be considered a gift for a musician, however: You find much stuff twice and again and again. Plus actually you have to be very patient, to find the unique gift. The unique gift for a musician.


To help you with that too, here are the most exciting offers: "" has a large variety related to several themes, however we are interested in the gifts for musicians only. Etsy is a good place too. "Dude I want that" is not just a funny name" but one of the front-runners too, when it comes to places in the Google Top 10. On Pinterest there are many gifts for musicians around. Finally we recommend the website "Musician's".


Of course there is Ebay around and Zazzle and CafePress, plus you will find sponsored links on Google here and there offering gifts for musicians. 


9 Value Priced Gifts for Musicians at "Bach 4 You": 9 Calendars in 3 Sizes, 2019 + 2020


All the calendars above and the landscape calendars below are always available from the beginning of April of each year and then approximately until February of the next year. For a valued price, as long as stocks last. Of course, we will reprint in November, when the last calendar of a design is sold out before the end of the season. As a rule, all of these nine calendars are still available until the beginning of the year at low prices. But first of all, as already mentioned, in April the calendars for the coming year come into play. And there is ... secondly ... still the option to print every calendar at any time for the hot off the press price for you. All 90 hot of the press and also the 9 value priced. In 8.3 inches x 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches x 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches x 23.4 inches. And last but not least, in March or April, you can ask if there are any left over for the current year.


The six landscape formats of the nine value priced calendars of the publishing house "Bach 4 You": one composers calendar, five music calendars and one Bach calendar. All nine value priced calendars are usually in stock in 11.7  inches x 8.3 inches, 16.5 inches x 11.7 inches and 23.4 inches x 16.5 inches in the calendar high season from October to December of each year . "Bach 4 You" offers also other cool musician gifts, really cool musician gifts.


More Suggestions? More Gifts for Musicians?


Correct: Actually this website just suggests two types of gifts for musicians. That is first calendars around the themes of music, Bach and composers. Second it's gifts for musicians related to the theme of Bach, on this page - just as a view examples - a little bit down. These Bach gifts is what you might find elsewhere on the internet. However: Such a variety of calendars related to the theme plus the offer related to Bach gifts here, ... both is what you don't find anywhere else: Not on the Internet and somewhere else not at all.


The "Most" of All Composers Calendars: A Real Cool Gift for Musicians


The gentlemen composers Berlioz, Haydn and Verdi. Of course you first have to be excited by that style of Vivian. However - if that is the case - than you have an exciting project. That is to say, you have the choice between 36 of the great classical Composers: Click here to learn more. 


The First of All Composers Calendars: One of the Noble Gift for Musicians 


This was, is and remains the first composers calendar, which Peter Bach jr. put together and which the tiny book- and calendar publishing house "Bach 4 You" published. 12 famous composers decorate 12 title pages of historic weekly newspapers like "Über Land und Meer", which is "Over Land And Sea" or Allgemeine Familien-Zeitung", which is"General Family Newspaper. This calendar was first published in 2015 and will be actual in every following year.


Why After All Is a Bach Mission Offering Gifts for Musicians? 


Well, somehow it's obvious, this answer. On the other hand it's not. At least you could learn about now, if you are interested after all. The Bach mission started approximately 2012 and is linked to the research, which examined, whether the so called Bindersleben Branch of the Bache is related to the family of musicians of Johann sebastian Bach. So, first of all the project "Bach über Bach" started with a first website. Much later Renate Bach founded the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You", first as a book publisher, later as a small calendar publishing house too. Together publishing house and project are the mission of the married couple Renate and Peter Bach jr. Goal was and is to spread the works, life and the music of star composer Johann Sebastian Bach even more in the world. After the German website "Bach über Bach" the English version "Bach On Bach" was next and finally like on pearl necklace the more specific websites followed like "Bach in Wechmar, "Johann sebastian Bach for Children", the website related to the Biography about Bach for Kids and the website, which accompanies a coloring book about Bach. Even two Kindergarten Games around the theme of Bach were developed by the author plus an offer related to the theme of General Edition, both notes and audio of the whole Bach work. More and more, websites abound more great classical composers came into being in the past months, like - for instance the website "Composers".


Many, many websites around the themes need a real huge collection of illustrations and with the goal, not to use just the "old, dusty, worn-out paintings like Haussmann" (... I apologize in due form), but as well to offer young, cool, hipp fresh portraits too, there was an easy task of mathematics: The money for those had to come from somewhere of course. For engravings, erasures, paintings, for postage stamps and jewels of flea markets. And how do you fund the best? With a shop. And what is closer then, than to add up all these illustrations to calendar themes? Soon it dawns, how teeny, how unbelievable teeny is the group of Bach lovers on the planet. And even of those do we catch one or an other.


However, the group of those who are excited by great classical composers and even more by their music, is plenty fold. And maybe, we manage to bind in those into the project and to excite them. And that is how all these many, many calendars related to the composers in the world came into being. Plus all of them finally developed into gifts for musicians. Many, many gifts for musicians.


Calendars: Here You Will Actually Really Find Just a Few of Them 


Seriously, it's nice you are still here reading. We are pleased about that. However, exactly for that reason here's the hint, that on this page of this website you will really just find a few examples of all 99 calendars. That is to say just some of the 33 Bach calendars, of the 33 composers calendars and the 33 music calendars. However here you get really fast to actually all 99 calendars, not orderly, but completely. You can buy all them in the shop "Bach 4 You". There you also can discover the single pages. However, because it's a total of almost 1,200 we are still working on most of them.


33 options in each section: it is the largest offer for Bach fans, the biggest offer for fans of classical music and the offer of 33 music calendars is divided in music fans under 9 years, over 9 years and over 18 years. Somehow. 


Consequently inconsequent it's going on here: Bach gifts are gifts for musicians somehow too: Here you will find no complete survey


A complete summary – is what you find at "Bach 4 You". On this page everything remains easy going and relaxed plus incomplete and sort of confusing, but entertaining. It's just to explore and it's about exciting you. That is why you get here just a few pics and those are by far not showing all gifts for musicians. 


The Bach Coloring Book, in two languages, painted by a cousin ninth degree of Johann Sebastian Bach. It comes with a really extreme short biography which introduces future classical music fans absolutely careful into the subject. Here is a whole website introducing the Bach Coloring Book.


Without doubt the star in the publish house "Bach 4 You"'s assortment: The Biography about Johann Sebastian Bach with Veit and Balthazar for Children. The very first work of author Peter Bach jr.! The cute illustrations are painted by Peter Bach's sister Petra-Ines Kaune. You can get more info with a click here.

The matching Kindergarten Game für pedagogues, who love to explore frontiers every once in a while. If you are interested in this subject in particular: There is a whole special website about that fun. Plus with such a game you don't have to buy 20 Bach coloring books, just to snip them apart.


Aside of all the calendars you will find all exciting ideas around the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach, that will be the perfect gift for musicians. Why don't you poke around there a little? With a click here ... you are there in no time.